Gregori RISE is a platform that provides current Gregori high school students with college-related posts, mentoring relationships, & networking opportunities by providing Gregori graduates the opportunity to become RISE mentors. 


University of California Berkeley

Portland State University

Sonoma State University

California State University Monterey

University of California, Los Angeles

Berkeley City College

Modesto Junior College

California State University Stanislaus

University of California Riverside

Pacific University

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

California State University Fullerton


Our leadership team is composed of both Gregori graduates and current Gregori high school students. When RISE was founded, our high school students were in the middle of the college application process and search, feeling overwhelmed and confused. At the same time, our graduates were learning how to navigate their universities and reflecting on their journey. They began to share their experiences and realized they both had so much to learn from one another. RISE was founded with the hopes of helping all students who have passed through the halls at Gregori High School. 

The RISE mentorship program is the first of its kind to launch at Joseph A. Gregori High School. It is an equally accessible resource for students at any stage of the college application process. Whether you're a student who is trying to get accepted to your dream school, or you're a student who is just starting to consider higher education as an option, the RISE mentors can help. 


A message from JoSeph A. Gregori's College Counselor: 

“I am so pleased to see our Alumni give back to Gregori students through RISE! Our students need mentors to help them navigate the college process, as it can be confusing and overwhelming! I do my best to guide students, but sometimes they want more personalized attention from people who are currently in college or who attend the college they want to attend. RISE can help meet their needs.”
— Mrs. Kuykendall


Gregori graduates upload informative, college-related text posts and videos to the RISE website that all high school students can access. Posts provide advice about applying to universities, choosing a college major, and more. 



Our mentors have graduated from Gregori High School and currently attend colleges and universities around the country. Their perspective is invaluable, and you can ask them questions and receive advice all through RISE.  



RISE is a community of scholars committed to uplifting one another by tapping into the shared experiences of all. 


Current Gregori students benefit from joining RISE because it allows access to a platform with invaluable tips and advice about college, the opportunity to engage in mentoring relationships, and access to networking events.

Gregori alumni who join RISE have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of students. Becoming a mentor allows alumni to share invaluable experiences with students and inspire younger generations to achieve their goals.