When I was a high school student I knew I wanted to go to college, but when it came down to the process of applying to colleges, I had countless questions. Between the scholarships, the entrance exams, the college applications, and the finances of going to college, I was completely overwhelmed... Once I heard about the Gregori RISE program I knew this was my chance to be the mentor I once needed. I want to be a mentor so I can help students realize their full academic potential and hopefully help get them into the college of their dreams.
— Brent Humeston, UC Berkeley, Gregori Class of 2014


Each RISE mentor has a profile where you can learn more about their background and expertise below.

Mentor profiles are available for Gregori High School students as a resource. Whether you're a student who is trying to get accepted to your dream school, or you're a student who is just starting to consider higher education as an option, the RISE mentors can help.

Contacting Mentors

Their contact information is also listed under their profile. The mentors are open to receiving and answering college-related questions, and are an incredible resource for Gregori students. If you are interested in learning more about their school, need advice, or want to ask about their journey to college, feel free to reach out to them through email.

If you are going to contact a RISE mentor directly, please 'cc' in your introductory email. This way, RISE can monitor initial conversations and can ensure that communications between mentors and mentees are timely, helpful, and appropriate. 

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