Haley Steele

Haley Steele.jpg

California State University, Monterey Bay/California State University, Stanislaus

Gregori Class of 2015


Weighted GPA at Gregori: 3.5 to 3.9

SAT Composite Score (2400 Scale): N/A

SAT Composite Score (1600 Scale): N/A

ACT Composite Score: N/A

How did you decide on what to major in?

Initially I entered college as a film major. I have always been into movies, celebrities, TV, media, and pop culture. I wanted to make my own handprint in the entertainment industry. I switched majors to Communication as I did not realize how competitive that industry truly was. Now, if I stick with this major, I want to go into sports media, broadcasting, and marketing. If I decide to change yet again, I would like to continue after my 4-year university to a specialty program for PAs. Becoming Physician's Assistant would allow me to be a part of the medical field, specifically specializing in surgery, without the high cost of medical school.

Is there a lot of flexibility at your school in changing majors?

There is a lot of flexibility. Academic advisors will typically recommend if you are changing your major to do it within the first two years while you are doing general education. However, a change can always be made, but it will prolong your time at the university.

Are you considering a double major, or a minor in a different subject? Why?

I have been considering attaining a minor in marketing or media. If I were to do this, it would broaden my horizons and help in finding jobs in my career field in the future.

How did you think you will use your major in a career?

Communications is a great major because it can be used in many fields. I hope to apply it in the sports industry somewhere, but while I am working my way in that direction, I will have the ability to work other jobs.

What is the workload like based on your major?

Communications does not have a crazy about of workload. As graduation approaches, I have to take a course on research methods where I will have to write a large research paper. As for the other major classes, there is quite a bit of writing that will take place, but not an overwhelming amount.

Do you regret not being able to take any classes to prepare for your major? What classes would you recommend Gregori students to take based off of your major?

I do. I went on to college thinking I had my career and life all planned out. Once I got there, I saw that wasn't really the case. It is just hard to pick a career that you will be okay with spending the rest of your life in. As for Gregori proving a class specific to my current major, I would say there are three that could help with communications in general, but two of those that would really help with the job possibilities. The first is a general. It teaches how to better communicate with others - how to respond, react, listen, answer, etc. The next two courses show the two major differences of career paths within communications. The first studies the different types of communication and where they are best used - this is called organizational communication. The third course I find most interesting as it is closer to what I want to do. This class would follow the media aspect of communication and analyze the messages put out by the media.