Ty Travis

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Modesto Junior College

Gregori Class of 2017


Weighted GPA at Gregori: 3.0-3.5

SAT Composite Score (2400 Scale): N/A

SAT Composite Score (1600 Scale): N/A

ACT Composite Score: N/A

How do you get to classes? Do you take public transportation, ride a bicycle, walk, etc.? Is the campus spread across large distances?

I drive myself to either the West or East campus, depending on where my classes are located. Sometimes I do not need to leave my home as some of my classes are online! Both campuses are spread across small distances and are close to eachother. I do not recommend taking classes that require you to go to both campuses in the same day as parking is a challenge especially in the middle of the day. Leave early to get the best parking spot (or a parking spot, at all). Remember, the early bird catches the first worm!