Joy Swanberg


Name: Joy Swanberg

UC Santa Cruz

Major: Proposed Astrophysics

Gregori Class of 2018

Extracurricular Activities: Science Olympiad, Mock Trial, Academic Decathalon, Science Bowl, Global Club, Project Change, Philosophy Club, Debate Club, VANS Custom Culture Art Competition, Volunteered at Church, Volunteered at the Salida Library, Volunteered with World Relief as an English Tutor for a refugee family, Worked at Modesto Nuts Baseball Field

Weighted GPA at Gregori: Above 4.0

How do you get to classes? Do you take public transportation, ride a bicycle, walk, etc.? Is the campus spread across large distances?

The UC Santa Cruz campus is located in the middle of the forest so there are actually many walking trails through the forest to get to class. There are also loop busses that come every 15 minutes that can be used to get to and from farther areas of campus. Since the campus has so many hills, there aren't as many bikes as some other colleges. Walking and using the loop bus seem to be the most common methods of transportation.