Anthony Castellanos

Anthony Castellanos.png

University of California Riverside

Gregori Class of 2014

Chemical Engineering

Weighted GPA at Gregori: Above 4.0

SAT Composite Score (2400 Scale): 1750

Extracurriculars at Gregori: Global Club,Track and Field, Peer Tutoring, Ping Pong Club

What are the dorms like on campus? What would you recommend students bring to their dorms?

Be as minimalistic as possible since the dorms can get crowded very easily very fast. Avoid bringing gaming consoles as they tend to get in the way, both with space in the dorm and with the time you spend on it. Bring flip flops for the showers and a shower caddy, those are essential. Depending on how you work, in my case I like to work on things with music, you can bring some decent headphones for while you do your work in the dorm as it may get loud from time to time. And for the easiest laundry experience, I recommend Tide Pods.

Have you had to change your study habits to accommodate to the workload at college compared to high school?

There is no comparison to the study habits found between college and high school, and you will realize that once you take your first classes. It is challenging, but college is all about teaching you how to learn in different environments and classroom settings as the responsibility and accountability is all on you. Once freshman year is over, you will develop your rhythm and your tempo of school work, and from their things become more natural. Being away from home was also a factor as I became in charge of my independence and what I did was entirely up to my discretion. Learning with others was one of the biggest differences, as studying with larger groups where you are taking in information as well as giving it out allows you to retain the most information, thus allowing you to succeed.

How do you balance your school work with any jobs that you may have throughout the year?

I have been working part-time since half-way through of my sophomore year and it is another thing you would have to take into consideration when balancing your priorities. I would not take a job if I knew it interfered with my education, as this is the number one priority regardless of the situation since I was paying for it. But time management and organization plays a huge role in how successful you are with school and work. If I wasn't in class, it was either at work or working on homework as time became very precious and squandering the free time I had led to very late nights. Although difficult, it makes you stand out as someone who works hard and is responsible enough to take on both responsibilities; just be sure to make the best of the job regardless of what the position is. My first part-time job in college (and ever) was in an on campus restaurant washing dishes, I moved my way up to Student Manager of the restaurant, and I have then moved on to become and Engineering Intern for the Southern California Gas Company.