Chelsea McDougall

Chelsea McDougall.jpg

University of California Berkeley

Gregori Class of 2013


Weighted GPA at Gregori: Above 4.0

SAT Composite Score (2400 Scale): 1650

ACT Composite Score: 26

Extracurriculars at Gregori: Newspaper, mock trial, leadership, colorguard

What extracurriculars would you recommend listing on your application?

Everything! Colleges want to see that you're well rounded and involved. They don't want to accept someone who won't bring something to their school. It doesn't matter if you were only in a club for one semester, list it on your application!

Would you recommend going to a community college and then transferring to a different college? Why or why not? Is it easy to transfer schools?

No, it is not easy to transfer schools. If you absolutely need to, you can do a couple of years at a community college and then transfer - but honestly, it is easier to just get into a four year school in the first place.