Daniel Turn


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Gregori Class of 2017

Mechanical Engineering

Weighted GPA at Gregori: Above 4.0

SAT Composite Score (1600 Scale): 1470

ACT Composite Score: 35

Extracurriculars at Gregori: Mock Trial, ASB Leadership, Teens Run Modesto, Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field, Volunteering at Church, Worked at Modesto Nuts

What are the dorms like on campus? What would you recommend students bring to their dorms?

I live in a triple in the Sierra Madre Towers at Cal Poly, which is where all the engineers were put this year. My tower is fairly social and it's a great idea to keep an open door to meet as many new people as possible during the first weeks. While not as spacious as a double, my dorm is decently roomy and doesn't really feel cluttered. It's a good idea to bring decorations to make your room feel like home and definitely coordinate with your roommates beforehand who is bringing the larger items, like a TV, mirror, printer, etc.

What supplies do you normally use in your classes? What do you bring with you on a daily basis?

I use many of the same items in my college classes as I did in high school. Your classic binder with subject dividers/folders, lined paper, spiral notebooks, and pencils and pens will do just fine. I actually don't use my laptop in my classes as much as I thought, but it's always a good idea to keep it handy. Some of my best college advice would be getting your textbooks as a .pdf or at a discounted price before buying them at full price. I saved a lot of money my first quarter doing this, only paying $10 total for all my books!

Do you typically eat food on campus? Do you like the food there? Are you on a food plan with the university?

I'm on the food plan with Cal Poly so I eat on campus most every day, with the occasional visit downtown for some local eats. There is quite a variety of food on campus, from Chick-fil-A to a salad bar, and you'll end up finding your favorites. The food plan will easily cover your meals (and late night study snacks) so don't worry about having to heavily budget your food. As to off-campus food , Downtown SLO has some of the best places to eat and every Thursday the farmer's market offers a taste of the amazing local food.