Elizabeth Murdock

Elizabeth Murdock.png

California State University Stanislaus

Gregori Class of 2014

Liberal Studies

Weighted GPA at Gregori: 3.0-3.5

SAT Composite Score (2400 Scale): 1580

Extracurriculars at Gregori: Global Club

Would you recommend going to a community college and then transferring to a different college? Why or why not? Is it easy to transfer schools?

I might recommend a community or junior college if you don't have any clue what you want to do. If you play your cards right during your time at a CC or JC, you can be finished with an associates degree in 2 years, and transfer to a university and have your bachelors in another two years. Transferring might be hard if you do not have any resources. I definitely recommend meeting with counselors and advisers to help you out with the process, if that is what you choose to do.