Kristine Paulson

Kristine Paulson.jpg

University of California Berkeley

Gregori Class of 2013

Integrative Biology

Weighted GPA at Gregori: Above 4.0

SAT Composite Score (2400 Scale): 1750

Extracurriculars at Gregori: Volleyball, springboard diving, leadership, dance

What is the workload like based on your major?

The workload for any major is a lot. If you are studying English, chances are you are reading multiple books a week and writing long papers on them. For those of us science majors, the workload is intense. Even though I was a biology major, I had to take chemistry, physics, math all these incredibly difficult courses. But there is also some flexibility in your schedule, don't kill yourself to do all the difficult classes together one semester. You aren't setting yourself up for success. Find a balance, maybe 2 courses that are for your major and then another 2 easy classes that fill a requirement that the University has. Set yourself up to have a difficult (because lets face it, college classes are challenging no matter what) but successful (meaning you aren't stressed every day and you actually get a good nights sleep most nights) semester.

Do you regret not being able to take any classes to prepare for your major? What classes would you recommend Gregori students to take based off of your major?

I don't regret not being able to take any classes, however I would use these classes to give you an idea of what classes will be like in your major. Had I taken AP Physics and AP chemistry, I probably wouldn't have chosen the major that I did, or I probably would have been a little less overwhelmed by the major I chose. I would definitely say for anyone wanting to study biology take Calculus and statistics if you can, and also take AP Chem or physics, so you at least have an idea of the material you are getting into. You can take AP Bio as well, but the classes that you take for the concentration of your major are much more specialized and exciting than just a general biology class.