Samantha Friesen

Samantha Friesen.jpg

California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

Gregori Class of 2017


Weighted GPA at Gregori: Above 4.0

SAT Composite Score (1600 Scale): 1260

Extracurriculars at Gregori: Key Club, Global Club, Mock Trial, Pole Vault

What extracurriculars would you recommend listing on your application?

Any extracurriculars you can think of. The college acceptance process is hard enough as it is and anything that makes you stand out is beneficial to your acceptance. Colleges want well-rounded students, not robots. As cliché as it sounds, getting into college is about more than just perfect grades. Mention any sports you have been a part of, any clubs, part time jobs, or volunteering opportunities you've been a part of. This is your chance to tell colleges about who you are aside from a student who get's good grades and does well on tests, because every other person applying to college has that same thing going for them, show the colleges why you are a good fit.

When applying to colleges, did you consider applying to scholarships? When did you begin to look into them? How did you find scholarships to apply to?

Look up scholarships as soon as you can, and continue to apply to them year round. Even now I have been researching scholarships and applying to them, and don't think that a couple hundred dollar scholarship is not worth it, because it definitely is. There are a number of scholarship search sites available and college board has some posted on their website. Fortunately for me personally, Cal Poly has a scholarship bulletin board online that is updated daily. If you know what major you are going into, search for those on google.